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At IL&DI, we are keenly aware that new models are being created and are now emerging.

What is happening is not simply a question of reform. A true revolution of the ways we learn is underway: we are moving from a single, one-size-fits all approach to training to a world where the focus is on offering each individual solutions that have been personalised and adapted to their own learning needs.

This is what IL&DI is all about: supporting training and development professionals  as they negotiate their way through this period of intense change, contributing to the development of individuals and communities. Let’s be in it together!

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IL&DI Conseil formation e-learning


We help you face the profound changes – those happening now and those coming down the pipeline – ​​that professional training is going through, assisting you in understanding and implementing these changes.

Completely independent of any operator, organisation or solutions provider, we help you understand these new challenges and work through them successfully.

Our founders are both training professionals whom, for the last 25 years, have anticipated and faced all the changes in the training industry with great success.

We do not rely on any fads or marketing mumbo-jumbo. We keep our focus firmly on efficiency and careful consideration of each situation puce6x6

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IL&DI Etudes formation e-learning


IL&DI has established a specialised research hub  in order to identify, fully assess, and predict the major issues around professional training: the impact of new digital approaches in training, new buyer behaviours, the changing and repositioning of the players, regulatory impacts, etc.

In September 2013, IL&DI published a report on its first major study on blended learning in France, carried out in partnership with the Demos Group puce6x6

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IL&DI Veille formation e-learning


At IL&DI we understand the vital importance of information: quality information, the kind that saves you time, helps you work through decisions, and guides your choices.

We also know how much time is wasted browsing the Web in a futile, unproductive, and isolated manner.

We also know that the vast amount of information out there is difficult to organise, sort, share, and render accessible.

That is why we created The Learning Lab: to give you access to the cutting edge in training and development monitoring, and offer you exclusive and private access to value-added monitoring, designed and written by IL&DI and its network  of experts, completely autonomously puce6x6

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IL&DI Evénements


We are well aware that digital and asynchronous methods are becoming more and more important in our business sector. However, face-to-face encounters, with good old in-the-flesh communication, continues to be an essential dimension of collaborative learning.

That is why IL&DI organises regular events where we can make the most of face-to-face encounters: exchanges of ideas and points of view, feedback, dynamic collaborations, interactions – all in the friendliest of settings puce6x6


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